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PlayOn Serial Number Full Version

PlayOn Serial Number Full Version

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PlayOn is a software solution that is capable of bringing together a large quantity of quality multimedia material on your TV and mobile devices in a simple manner.

It does so by streaming online video content from a number of well known content providers such as Hulu, Netflix and Youtube to your video compatible devices.

PlayOn simply creates the server which provides the content. To be able to process the stream you need to have a home-networked entertainment device such as Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or Wii, connected to both the TV and computer on which PlayOn is installed. A wireless network is best suited as it gives you total freedom when using mobile devices.

Creating the connection itself is an easy task since the devices used to connect to the PlayOn server will automatically recognize in on the network the second it starts. The way you interact with the application differs accordingly to the device you are using.

The only thing you interact with on your computer is the PlayOn settings window. There is nothing intricate about it. It’s merely a tabbed interface that allows you to run or close the server, perform system checks, choose the channels, add plugins and enable mobile or social network connections.

PlayOn provides you with a large number of channels from which you can choose but in some cases you need to provide a username and password to be able to view the shows. If this is the case, the application allows you to remove those channels from the list. You can also sort the channels and configure your accounts.

In case you notice that a channel you regularly watch is not available, you can install it as a plugin channel.

With PlayOn you don’t stream only online content. The application provides you with a MyMedia function that enables you to select images, songs and videos from your computer or any other network device that is visible to PlayOn.

PlayOn is certainly a practical solution if you want to stream multimedia content across your home, office or bar in a practical way.

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