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Polygon Cruncher 13.51 Activator Full Version

Polygon Cruncher Activator Full Version

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Working with 3D structures can be a challenging task, both in terms of necessary resources and required inherent end-user skill. As the complexity of objects and shapes increases, so does their polygon count and rendering time. Polygon Cruncher is an application that will help people simplify their 3D structures by selectively removing polygons and still retaining the fine details required in their objects.

Considering its intended use, the application’s interface is surely not that complex and this could be a good factor, especially for novice users. Once they have inputted the 3D structures that need to be refined in terms of polygon count, people will be able to easily rotate and visualize several displacement scenes.

The application offers them several optimization presets and it also provides support for batch processing of multiple 3D structures. Users can easily determine the required optimization through the utility’s automatic calculation that will yield the required number of points and facets that need to be deleted in order to achieve the preferred configuration.

People will be able to also alter the spatial configuration of the inputted structures by merging the vertices and their corresponding coplanar faces. However, only numerical / slider input is provided and it would have beneficial for the application to include realtime changes preview in the form of a thumbnail.

When saving their refined structures, people can choose for the application to export global coordinates and disconnect the faces that have vertex color discontinuities. In order to increase the handling efficiency, three symmetry presets are available and one can access an advanced optimization computation.

This application addresses those who require to improve the geometry of their 3D shapes, by removing the constituting polygons on a selective basis. It will offer them a straightforward interface that offers prompt and responsive feedback. Featuring an intuitive use and requiring no expert knowledge, it will enable novices and experienced users alike to alter their 3D structures with ease.

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