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POPcon PRO 3.94 Crack With Keygen

POPcon PRO Crack With Keygen

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Download POPcon PRO [Crack]

POPcon PRO is a professional software application whose purpose is to help you retry email messages from POP3 mailboxes and send them to your Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes. Aside from acting as an email gateway, the tool comes with support for virus scanner, incoming mail rules and remote administration.

You are welcomed by a clean window where you can check out a list with the available POPcon servers. Plus, you can opt for configuring the selected server or triggering the mail retrieval process with a single click.

A log is also displayed in the main window offering you information about all your actions and possible errors.

POPcon PRO gives you the possibility to enter a postmaster email address for receiving administrative notes and all emails that do not include any recipient. Additionally, you can make the application keep a single log and limit its size to a user-defined value or keep daily log files without size limitation.

The utility lets you add a new account by selecting the server type (POP3, POP3-SSL, IMAP, IMAP-SSL) and providing information about the name or IP of the server, username, password, port number, timeout and display name.

You can make the program catch all mailbox messages (and filter the recipients by domain) or a single user mailbox (and forward mail from this mailbox always to a custom email address on the Exchange server).

What’s more, you can delete downloaded emails on POP3 server, leave a copy of downloaded emails on the POP3 server or keep a copy of downloaded email for a custom number of days before deleting it. You can also download data from the current account at a user-defined mail cycle.

You are allowed to build up a list with all your accounts, edit or remove them, generate a list with recipient domains and enter the maximum number of emails downloaded from POP3 server in one pass.

Last but not least, there are several connection parameters designed to help you try to connect to POP3 servers directly (when connecting to the Internet via a router) or use a dial-up connection.

POPcon PRO lets you enter the network name of your exchange server, fill in details about the SMTP port and timeout, as well as alter several advanced features used for handling Exchange server errors. For example, in case of unknown user and unavailable mailbox, you can make the utility reroute data and send notifications, delete emails, move emails to bad mail list, or retry delivery.

The program lets you opt for a simple scheduling process (the application grabs data at a user-defined time) or complex mode which enables you to handle multiple scheduled retrieval tasks on different days of the week.

The built-in antivirus engine automatically scans every incoming email before sending it to your exchanger server. The virus signature can be updated every hour or once a day.

POPcon PRO gives you the possibility to set up custom rules for routing email messages, forwarding a copy of the email to a certain address or deleting emails without notifications.

The antispam features allows you to create user-defined whitelist and blacklist based on words included in the sender, subject, name of attachment and mail header, as well as check IP addresses in the headers of incoming emails against Internet blacklist servers.

You can archive all incoming emails into one folder and tweak several advanced parameters that help you remove the string from the start and end of the recipient email addresses, enable event log entries, and select the processed mail header fields.

All in all, POPcon PRO integrates an advanced suite of features for helping you retrieve messages from POP3 mailboxes and deliver them to your Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes.

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