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Portable Bank2QIF 4.0.254 Crack With License Key

Portable Bank2QIF Crack With License Key

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You can rely on a computer to save various types of data, with the possibility to access any info field fast. Budget planning can also be performed on a PC, with various applications that create databases of different formats. In this regard, Portable Bank2QIF comes with the means to easily convert such files, for more flexibility.

As the name clearly states, the application is the edition of Bank2QIF that doesn’t need to be installed on your computer, meaning you can carry it around with you on a USB flash drive to use on other PCs as well. Another consequence of portability is that system registries remain intact, thus not affecting the functionality of the target PC.

The application’s core function is to convert financial reports created with applications like Quicken, Microsoft Money, and Cashbook, into a widely-used format for the same action, namely QIF. Although it’s a bit outdated, the QIF format is preferred among the majority of bank info storage.

On the visual side of things, Portable Bank2QIF stores all of its features in a classic window design, letting anyone accommodate in a jiffy due to the clear placement of buttons and elements. Several tabs let you navigate through info field types to view and manage them, with a drop-down menu letting you select the type of output, as well as a browse dialog to load OFX, QFX, and QBO file formats.

As soon as a file is loaded, detected info is shown in the corresponding transactions, source, settings, and account mapping tabs. Several switches can be made to columns, the source code can easily be copied, general settings let you specify time, date, and currency options, while account mapping gives you the possibility to edit a few related fields, such as name.

Depending on the type of application you’re using to view and manage bank QIF data, a drop down-menu lets you select the specific target. In addition, pressing convert brings up a new window, with options to also change character encoding to meet your demands.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Portable Bank2QIF comes in handy for converting bank info files into a more flexible format. Although the output isn’t quite up to date, it’s frequently used, and compatible with a large variety of applications capable of handling such data.

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