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Portable herdProtect Crack With Serial Number Latest

Portable herdProtect Crack With Serial Number Latest

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At some point or another you’ve certainly questioned the reliability of your antivirus solution because it’s a well known fact that some end up delivering different results in identical scans.

For this reason it’s always good to have a tool which can offer you a second opinion on any malware scan you perform. If that’s the case, then we need to introduce you to Portable herdProtect.

As far as size is concerned, when it comes to antivirus scanning software, Portable herdProtect belongs in the lightweight division and it is capable of delivering some powerful punches thanks to the 60+ scanning engines that it has underneath its gloves.

Performing a scan with that many engines would normally take its toll on your system but since Portable herdProtect does all the work in a cloud based system, your PC’s performance will hardly be affected.

To get started with Portable herdProtect you don't have to configure the scan in any way as the application has its default target files. This however, is probably the application's only serious weak point because you can't scan a folder of your choice.

On the other hand, since Portable herdProtect is meant to be a second line of defence which focuses on active files (extensions, tasks, autor-run applications) it’s not something entirely unfortunate since those are the most common malware carriers.

The scan process itself is something that won’t trouble you at all. Portable herdProtect makes a snapshot of the files it needs to scan, removes all identity data that they have and sends them to the could to be scanned by top of the line engines and all that with the click of a single button.

Once that’s done, all files that contain a certain threat level are displayed in a neat list from where you can view details about their name, location and antivirus solutions that consider them to be dangerous.

With the above to consider and a few more details left for you to discover, it’s safe to say that if you're looking for an additional anti-malware tool, then you should try Portable herdProtect.

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