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Portable Personal Finances Pro 7.1.0 Crack & Activator

Portable Personal Finances Pro Crack & Activator

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Portable Personal Finances Pro is a modern-looking and efficient software solution designed to help you keep track of expenses, transactions and incomes. It also comes with the choices to handle the users, generate reports and edit the categories.

As the name implies, the program comes with all the necessary files to run without an installation process. This way, you can have and access your finance manager from anywhere, be it a business trip or a vacation.

The app lets you create logs with all the money found in different accounts, along with any shopping and payments transactions. Thus, you can enter all the cash paid for rent, phone and utility bills, takeouts and any other small purchases.

Each entry requires several details, like a description, date, amount, the place where you withdraw the money from (cash, bank, credit card), status and comments.

In addition, from the advanced settings, you can select the category (e.g. education, bills, gifts, utilities), family member, payee and transaction currency.

Portable Personal Finances Pro lets you add and manage multiple budgets by inputting the amount, currency, range (month, week, year), start and end time, and a name.

Also, information regarding the cash type you own (e.g. euro, dollar, pound), credit cards, categories and bank accounts can also be stored and modified. This should help you keep track of all the income, along with the monthly and daily expenses.

It's possible to schedule daily tasks and important events by setting the title, date, status and priority for chores, while for special occasions, the title, date and comments.

From the advanced settings, you can also enter a category, participants and projects. Last but not least, you have the option to export the database to CSV or TXT file formats.

To sum it up, Portable Personal Finances Pro is a feature-rich application that comes in handy for those who want to efficiently handle and keep and eye on daily and specific transactions, expenses and incomes. It also features a task and event scheduler, along with account, card and currency manager.

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