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Portable SmartSynchronize 4.2.1 Crack Plus Serial Key

Portable SmartSynchronize Crack Plus Serial Key

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


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Using a computer in an office environment where documents need to stay updated every day is a pain because of the time-consuming check process. Luckily, there are various applications that can monitor entire folders for you, which is also the case with Portable SmartSynchronize, letting you view changes and perform several operations.

Just like the name suggests, this is the version of SmartSynchronize you can store on a USB Flash drive to perform sync operations on the go. Another advantage is that the health status of your computer remains the same because so do registries.

You are gradually taken through several steps that aim to make it easier by not giving you access to one too many features all at once. First up, you need to tell the application which files or directories to target.

This is not the only option, though, with the possibility to also choose a 3-way merge operation or open a previously saved profile to skip the configuration process. Another advantage might seem insignificant, but it saves some time by letting you drag target files and folders in the corresponding field.

Choosing a file comparison process directly brings up a new window with content from targets separated by a middle delimiter and differences cleverly highlighted. Both panes can be edited in real time. A few buttons are at your disposal to quickly fill in missing pieces from one side to the other, with options to save changes in the end.

If you need more files under surveillance then it's a good idea to pick folder comparison. Content is displayed in a similar manner to the file compare tool, with an additional explorer fitted with intuitive icons to let you know which file is missing from what folder.

Synchronization options let you quickly move files from one directory to the other to keep them updated. What's more, custom operations can be saved as profiles, which comes in handy with portability, letting you easily start synchronization as soon as you plug in the USB containing the application.

All things considered, we can safely state that Portable SmartSynchronize is a handy application with which you can keep files and folders updated and synchronized. The step-by-step creation and management process is a neat advantage, but the lack of an implemented scheduler or possibility to automate tasks makes the result a little less rewarding.

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