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PortTunnel Crack & Activation Code

PortTunnel Crack & Activation Code

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PortTunnel is a useful port mapper that can change the connections settings for your network adapter. The program can be used for debugging network tools by customizing the port mappings and logging the statistics.

PortTunnel’s main mission is to create a connection between two ports and route the data according to the available parameters. For instance you can block certain IP addresses or redirect them to a certain port by using the IP Security feature.

The application is also able to tunnel the data transferred through a proxy server or over an FTP connection. Each mapping can be configured by setting a speed limit for incoming and outgoing connections or by limiting the number of simultaneous connections for every IP address.

If you need to secure the communication, the app supports the SSL cryptographic protocol and is able to add an authentication header to all the incoming or outgoing packets. This feature comes in handy when you are dealing with information that needs to be encrypted.

The program features a simple interface which displays the routed ports and the traffic information. The users who need more information about the port activity need to enable the statistics logs and select the data format.

However, the port mapping features are complex and require previous experience in networking and port mapping. The lack of documentation makes the program harder to use for the casual user but seasoned users should understand the basics from the interface and the readme file.

Overall, PortTunnel comes in handy for the advanced users who need to change the port mapping on their devices.

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