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Primatte Chromakey 5.1.4 Crack + Serial Key (Updated)

Primatte Chromakey Crack + Serial Key (Updated)

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Primatte Chromakey is a versatile plugin for Photoshop that can modify the background inside any digital photo without touching the objects, faces or shapes inside the original image.

As its name graciously suggests, the plugin is based on the chroma key technology that turns photo backgrounds to a transparent state, which can be then populated with a different one, of your choice.

The plugin can take with images that are taken on a mat, unicolor background and it especially fit for magazines, commercials, birthday cards and so on.

Primatte Chromakey comes wrapped inside an installer that automatically places it in Photoshop’s folder, which means you won’t be require to manually deploy the plugin.

The steps one needs to take in order to carry out a pleasant and natural-looking result are quite simple. First of all, you should import the photograph to be edited, then to mask the backdrop, which means you will highlight the objects and faces that will be kept in the final image.

The third step requires that you create transparency for the background to be replaced, following which a new backdrop can be added. This is the fourth and final step of the process that precedes the saving of the final result.

There’s little effort attributed to the user, since the program features a built-in AutoMask ability that can improve the overall workflow by processing high volumes of images at a time.

With the aid of Primatte Chromakey, a photographer will be able to quickly and effortlessly place objects and faces on top of unique backgrounds, making the final shot look totally natural.

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