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Primatte Keyer 5.0 Serial Key Full Version

Primatte Keyer Serial Key Full Version

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Primatte Keyer is a graphic plugin for Adobe After Effects that leverages the power of the chromakey technology. With its aid, you can remove the background inside any picture or motion video in the post-production phase.

Such applications are intensely used in film making and the video game industry, some of them being responsible for outstanding results that we see in cinema halls every day, but fail to acknowledge them because of the high level of accuracy they provide.

Primatte Keyer fits the description above pretty well and has quite the reputation in post-production studios. It benefits from a steady inner engine that can place an object or a person on a freely chosen background, with state-of-the-art precision.

The idea behind the product is to snip an object out of a picture taken inside a studio on a uni-color background, then to cut the background and to replace it with one of choice. What makes the product unique is the level of control offered to the end user, who can, at all times, make adjustments to the various parameters of the filter.

It takes care of all the problems that might occur during the keying process, such as color spill, which can be greatly reduced without affecting the original colors and over-correction issues that can be fixed using the restore function and built-in tools for decreasing the opacity.

Difficult objects such as hair and smoke are easier to extract with Primatte Keyer and the overall final key is cleaner, free of uneven lightning or color mismatches.

The conclusion rules in Primatte Keyer’s favor. It can work by itself in Auto mode, but can also be instructed to follow a custom pattern, as defined by the end user.

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