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Primo Ramdisk Ultimate Edition 6.5.1 Crack + License Key Updated

Primo Ramdisk Ultimate Edition Crack + License Key Updated

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Your computer's hardware components and their specifications determine the speed at which any operation is performed. Generally, more means better, but there's always the possibility of encountering various issues or running out of usable resources. In this regard, Primo Ramdisk Ultimate Edition gives you the possibility to pump a little more juice into your computer by managing physical and virtual memory.

The application comes win a clean design that doesn't pose any accommodation problems whatsoever. All details are displayed in the main window, with created or loaded drives enlisted along with info like name, volume, size, type and status.

More details are displayed so you can view memory values or operations that can be performed. The toolbar is fitted with all functions you get to work with and are found under intuitive icons.

Creating a new disk is possible through several methods. You can either do this by manually configuring all settings, or loading an image file or a disk descriptor which are settings you save from an existing image. Regardless of your choice, you go through a series of steps which is best you follow by instructions because you might make your system unstable if randomly imputing values.

As such, you can create drives with a custom size, either SCSI or Direct-IO disk, a letter of your choice, with an additional options to use the specific drive until the next computer boot. Moreover, the specified amount can be carefully balanced between physical memory or drive, depending on how you want to use it.

In addition, you can set the drive to be invisible, with a field for a maximum limit, but your machine needs to support such features for stability. More settings let you specify the file system type, cluster size and even a custom name for the new volume.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Primo Ramdisk Ultimate Edition lives up to expectations and provides a powerful environment in which you can thoroughly determine how your physical and virtual memory is used. It's easy enough to use and configuration screens make sure you don't get stuck along the way or input values that might harm your system.

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