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ProxMate for Chrome Crack & Keygen

ProxMate for Chrome Crack & Keygen

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When surfing the Internet, you are bound to encounter one or more websites that are restricted in your zone or country. ProxMate for Chrome is a tool that can help you overtake this problem by implementing a simple and practical solution, that takes the form of a lightweight Chrome extension.

Generally speaking, a situation like this is overcome using a proxy server that can help you route your data transfer to servers from other countries where a certain restriction does not exist.

Though its name suggests its use, ProxMate for Chrome doesn’t rely on one proxy to be able to do its job. Instead, it collects bits and pieces of websites from a larger server network and directs that information to you.

The extension is installed in your Chrome browse just like any other by dropping it into the Extensions section of the browser. It’s from there that you are able to access its settings and configure it to match your needs.

Although ProxMate for Chrome doesn't directly use a default proxy to grant you access to certain websites, that does not mean you can’t connect it to one. From the options panel, you can easily do this by providing the Proxy URL and port number.

The biggest benefit from having and using this Java-based extension is the fact that it makes it possible for you to browse and view content from websites that are normally locked.

With ProxMate for Chrome you get access to services like Pandora, YouTube, Grooveshark, Turntable.fm, Songza, Discovery Channel, Vevo, MTV, Southpark Studios and Spotify.

Displaying a simple icon next to the URL bar, where all Chrome extension reside, ProxMate for Chrome can easily be accessed from there and helps you enjoy the content of popular websites without any restrictions.

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