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ProxyCap 5.39 Crack Plus Activation Code

ProxyCap Crack Plus Activation Code

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ProxyCap is a software solution that enables you to configure the installed applications to access the Internet through a proxy, also offering some extra tools as a bonus.

ProxyCap is able to work with HTTP, SOCKS5 and SOCKS4 proxies and relies on a configuration process that's pretty straightforward and intuitive.

Truth is, beginners might feel the need for some assistance, but that's not at all a problem because the application sports a detailed help file with tons of information.

ProxyCap enables you to set up new rule sets, with dedicated options for every new proxy server, including type, hostname, ports, authentication and the possibility to resolve names remotely.

You can also set new routing rules, with multiple settings such as force direct connection or redirect through proxy, apply the rules to just a user-defined list of programs or all applications, ports, IP addresses and / or hostnames.

There are also some miscellaneous options, such as error logging (this is actually pretty important given the fact that sometimes you may experience connectivity problems).

The good thing about ProxyCap is that it sports so many configuration options via a pretty user friendly interface. On the other hand, considering that the market is already full of similar apps doing the same thing for free, ProxyCap may very well be considered a pretty expensive software solution.

All in all, we still recommend you to give ProxyCap a try and see what it's up to. You may just be impressed.

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