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PSI-Plot 8.11a Crack Plus Keygen

PSI-Plot Crack Plus Keygen

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Download PSI-Plot [Crack]

PSI-Plot software will bring new ease and flexibility to technical plotting and data analysis.

It has a powerful scientific spreadsheet for data analysis; and an object-oriented on screen graphics editor that makes it easy to design and modify graphs. The powerful features combine with the intuitive and user friendly interface have made PSI-Plot one of the most popular data analysis and graphing software. With the newest version 8.1, PSI-Plot is definitely the most advanced yet easy-to use numerical tool for today's scientists and engineers.

Here are some key features of "PSI Plot":

■ New plot wizard will create your desired plot in a more convenient and intuitive way.

■ New methods for nonlinear curve fitting: simplex method and Powell method.

■ With the new programs, you can directly export your plots in the PDF file with a few clicks of your mouse.

■ Improved multiple levels data sorting for both balanced and unbalanced data.

■ Enhanced mathematical transformation with references to column and cell indices.

■ New and enriched data-displaying formats.

■ Importing data directly from the Wave format files.

■ New data sheet editing capabilities: filling missing cells with linear or spline interpolated data, inserting data block, and improved editing undo.

■ New document format control allows you to set the page mode, margin sizes, and many other options such as data title, time stamp, page count, etc.

■ Enriched online help with a special "How to" section for commonly encountered tasks.

■ New dialog box help system.

■ New plot types include tableau plots (animal zoo plots) for 2D scattering curves, vertical bars, and horizontal bars.

■ The enhanced object linking and embedding (OLE) implementation allows you to insert your PSI graphics inside word processors (such as Word) and presentation programs (such as PowerPoint) reliably. The in-place editing feature offers you the power to edit your PSI graphics inside Word (or other word processing programs) and PowerPoint.

■ In the new programs, you can add multiple fitted curves with user controllable data ranges and best-fit parameters graphically.

■ New function plot model for plotting multiple-lines function and a cluster of functions.

■ The new optional grid lines in the plot window will help you locate your plotting objects easily and more precisely.

■ The enriched status bar will report your mouse screen position, axes coordinates, and data information.

■ Improved multiple-level undo for graph editing.

■ The new text alignment capability offers you extra control on your plotted text object.

■ With the improved template and batch plot functions, you can reproduce a similar graph for any plot type with just a few mouse clicks.

■ Optional prefix and suffix labels for axis tick marks provide you with extra power to label your axis.

■ Improved axis tick marks display locations for unbalanced label length.

■ Improved 3D axes text labels position control.

■ Enriched drawing toolbox brings more convenience to your fingertips.

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