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Quablo 1.2.1 Crack With Serial Number

Quablo Crack With Serial Number

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Quablo is a software application whose purpose is to help you extract tables and data from PDF files. It is suitable for saving information from pay/balance sheets, invoices or price lists to a file on your computer.

The tool offers support for a multi-tabbed environment so you can quickly import different PDF items and switch between them. The GUI is not particularly intuitive but you can have a look at the help manual in case you need further assistance with the program’s features.

You can build up a list with the documents that you want to process and perform searches throughout them. Plus, you may zoom in or out of the document, rotate pages to different angles, undo or redo your actions, open files from URLs, keep a list with recent items, and check out a thumbnail preview of each page included in a PDF file.

You can take advantage of Quablo’s automatic table recognition mode and identify tables included in the current document, all files or page. You may also apply filters by files with certain number of rows and columns.

At the end of the automatic scanning mode, it shows a report which includes details about the document name, number of found tables, processed pages, total pages, execution time, and errors.

What’s more, Quablo gives you the possibility to manually draw a table on the PDF document that includes the exact pieces of information you want to capture. You can preview the extracted data directly in the main panel.

A smart feature included in the utility enables you to create a composite table which is made up of user-defined selections from the document.

Quablo helps you save the extracted information to CSV, HTML or XLS file format. The program is also able to extract text from a user-defined region of the screen, save the current table as template, and clear the working environment.

It identifies tables quickly but it eats up a lot of system memory so the overall performance of the computer may be hampered.

All things considered, Quablo helps you save tables from PDF files so you can use the information in other third-party applications.

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