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QuickLaunch 2.5 Build Crack With Serial Number Latest

QuickLaunch Crack With Serial Number Latest

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Download QuickLaunch [Crack]

QuickLaunch is an application which permits you to create shortcuts to all of the files, folders and web pages that you use frequently.

You can then access them very easily - with 2 clicks! - straight from the QuickLaunch tray bar icon.With QuickLaunch you can also schedule programs to launch automatically at either a pre-determined time, or have them launch automatically when your computer is starting up (booting).

Do you sometimes forget something? You can also have QuickLaunch to send you, your own hand-typed reminder notes on a routine schedule, or at any pre-determined time of your choosing.

Too many programs or services starts on reboot, QuickLaunch gives you the ability to manage them.

Here are some key features of "QuickLaunch":

■ Save time - Did you know that people usually spend 30% from their time just finding the programs or documents they want to open.

■ Clean up your desktop - The simplest and the fastest way to quickly launch a program or open a document is to place a shortcut to it on the Desktop or in the Quick Launch bar. But in time, you'll find out that your Desktop is filled up with lots of shortcuts which you hardly ever used and is like a scrap-heap.

■ Reminders - QuickLaunch can show you a dialog with your message (reminder) based on a scheduler.

■ Automate tasks - Besides other quick launch tools QuickLaunch allows you to add any kind of items : Programs, Links and shortcuts to folders but also group of tasks you can also schedule or run with one click.

■ Check your mailbox - QuickLaunch will notify you when a new message arrives in your mailbox. You don't have to keep Outlook Express or any other email client opened all the time to hunt new incoming emails.

■ Dial/Hang-up - Maybe you want to stay connected to the internet just within an hour range, since you don't want to keep your phone line busy all the time.

■ Boot your windows faster - Manage the programs and services that run at start up. You might be surprised how many unuseful programs use your computer resources (like spyware and adware) and make your computer to boot slower.

■ Schedule applications - It might come useful for you to launch application based on a scheduler. For example, DiskDefragmeneter could run every Friday after you leave your desk and when it's done the computer should be shut down. This is an easy task for QuickLaunch.

■ Run multiple tasks at once with one click - Sometimes when work you must to perform same taks over and over. You can group as many tasks as you want and launch them with one click.


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