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RAID Reconstructor 5.00 Crack + Activation Code

RAID Reconstructor Crack + Activation Code

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For those who choose to maintain all their files on RAID systems a data loss due to an array breakage can be catastrophic. Not only does it impede the ability to use some or all of the respective drives but it completely disorganizes the partition structure. Raid Reconstructor will help those who need to rebuild their RAID array by creating a copy of their setup on an image file or physical drive. Offering support for Level 5 and Level 0 arrays, it will also automatically provide information about the required RAID parameters.

Raid Reconstructor comes packed with a clean interface that will offer a short yet consistent set of tools for recovering data from broken RAID arrays. All the necessary steps for the process are numbered and the layout offers a thoughtful sequence for preparing the selected drives for recovery.

Featuring a basic and somewhat old design, the interface will not have any shortcomings in terms of provided tools. Its features for analyzing the drive entropy or performing the XOR test will have appealing plots and graphical interfaces that will be easy to interpret.

After selecting their drives which comprise the RAID array, users can analyze the state of the setup and define a path and name for the image where the array will be reconstructed. In addition to a virtual image, they can also choose to reconstruct the data to a physical disk. The application offers options to compress the image file and one can split the image to multiple files.

Demanding users will be happy to know that Raid Reconstructor also allows them to perform all the reconstruction and recovery operations through custom scripting. Nonetheless, the scripting module does offer predefined command lines that can be customized to the preferred settings, therefore also allowing novice users to learn the process.

Users who have trouble recovering the data from their broken RAID arrays could have a go at this useful utility. It will not disappoint them and will provide efficient, step-by-step reconstruction of their setups. By adding useful extra features such as scripting or information about the drive entropy and master file table reports it will be welcomed by both experienced and novice users.

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