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RaidenFTPD 2.4 Build 4005 Crack With Serial Key Latest

RaidenFTPD Crack With Serial Key Latest

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RaidenFTPD is an FTP server that helps you share files with your friends, upload and download data, as well as rename, delete and manage directories, and resume a sharing session. It offers support for SSL and TLS connections in order to make sure your sensitive files are encrypted.

The GUI sports a clean layout that reveals a log, which includes information about all your tasks and possible errors. A new server can be set up with the aid of the built-in wizard so you are offered step-by-step guidance throughout the entire configuration process.

All things are kept pretty simple and clear up to this point. If you open up the configuration panel, you are faced with a crowded layout that embeds all the setup parameters into a single window. It may prove to be quite a daunting task to go through all the options, especially if you are a first-time FTP users.

RaidenFTPD gives you the possibility to configure a new FTP server by providing information about the server name, IP, port and root path, allowing anonymous users, and limiting the maximum number of anonymous and normal users, as well as connections per IP.

What’s more, you can check the client IP before or after the login process, enter the maximum idle time, and specify the saving directories where configuration files are stored. Plus, you can make the app launch the server when the program is launched.

You can import users from a file or manually create a user profile by adding information about the name, password and group name, and granting him ‘ROOT’ permissions (suitable for FTP server owners only), ‘SUPER’ permissions (suitable for manager of a group), ‘NORMAL’ (for normal FTP users on the server) or ‘GUEST’ (accounts with minimal permission).

In addition, you may allow the current user to use the virtual file system or assign the user their own home directory and virtual file system structure, automatically delete the account after three days, as well as edit, enable or disable users.

The application helps you set up a server that includes files from multiple drivers or paths, merge multiple paths into one, as well as link other RaidenFTPD servers using your own VLS protocol.

Furthermore, you are allowed to remotely control and manage your FTP server, compress data in real time in order to save bandwidth, and automatically set up UPnP NAT router/ICS/Windows Firewall.

RaidenFTPD offers you the option to enable logging, encrypt the logs and log client activities as well. IP filters are used for allowing or blocking users based on custom IP addresses. Additionally, you can ban an IP address if the user tries to connect more than a custom number of times.

Several configuration parameters enable you to limit the bandwidth, look up a domain name, show files that users cannot read in the directory listing, automatically disconnect a user after a custom number of seconds, as well as limit the global download and upload speed.

All in all, RaidenFTPD delivers a handy suite of features for helping you set up file sharing sessions but the configuration process may prove to be difficult to understand for rookies.

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