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RAMDisk 4.4.0 RC36 Crack + Keygen Updated

RAMDisk Crack + Keygen Updated

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RAMDisk is a straightforward and reliable piece of software that takes a portion of your system memory and uses it as a disk drive. It is able to speed up applications such as games, Internet Explorer cache for faster web surfing, audio or video editors, CAD programs, databases and software compilers.

It is an ideal solution for users who need to wipe all the information stored in the new disk drive upon power loss or shutdown. Since RAMDisk cannot store any trace of information without power, you can rest assured that all your data will be lost.

The main graphical interface provides you with four tabs you can make use of, namely ‘Settings’, ‘Load/Save’, ‘Event Log’ and ‘Options’.

The first tab enables you to set the size of RAMDisk you want to create and choose its type such as ‘FAT16 Partition’, ‘FAT32 Partition’ or ‘Unformatted Partition’. For disks greater than 32MB, the second option will be automatically selected.

Additionally, you are able to create a new TEMP directory and set the disk label according to your whims. However, in case you selected an ‘Unformatted’ partition, you are not able to create such directory.

By accessing the ‘Load/Save’ tab you are able to configure the ‘Load Disk Image at Startup’ feature, which automatically saves the driver with the associated settings.

The third tab, entitled ‘Event Log’, enables you to view the scanned entries of your Windows event log and filter all the RAMDisk related items. This way, you can understand why your disk have failed to start or stop when pressing the proper buttons located in the ‘Settings’ tab.

Finally, the ‘Options’ tab enables you to configure the timeout value the configuration utility will use when the driver will start.

However, since RAMDisk is a Windows resident program, you won’t be able to load Windows from it so you need to use this application properly. Still, it allows you to load a second OS instance using a multi-session utility.

To sum things up, RAMDisk proves to be a steady and effective solution that comes in handy for users who need to turn their OS memory into a usable disk drive.

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