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Raxso Drive Magic 5.00 Crack Full Version

Raxso Drive Magic Crack Full Version

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When getting rid of your old hard disk, you should take some precautions, for we all know that a simple data erase won't actually delete all files on it. So, if you are buying a new HDD and you give the old one away or you are donating your old computer to someone who could still make use of it, first make sure you don't pass on sensitive information.

There are lots of tools out there specially designed to extract deleted or corrupted data from hard disks and restore it at least to a mere functionality. To avoid that, Raxso Drive Magic provides you with a tool created to completely erase data that was previously stored in what is now empty space on the disk.

It does that by completely overwriting a few times the unused tracks, and those tracks only. It does not harm in any way the existing files on your drive.

Another useful action that it takes while permanently erasing redundant data is sanitize the disk. This is supposed to increase the drive's life time by reconditioning the unused free space. The application boasts on the fact that it can actually perform the specified actions on the same hard disk Raxso Drive Magic is installed on, same drive with the system files.

The four wiping methods used by Raxso Drive Magic let you to customize the application's ability to sanitize by choosing the desired cleaning actions. Basic Wipe offers reconditioning of unallocated space, Simple Wipe ensures moderate protection, while Secure and Ultimate Wipe are designed to give you excellent to ultimate protection against attempts to recover deleted files.

Additionally, the application makes available details regarding total disk capacity and sectors, a format function, a volume label renamer and a check disk utility to help you inspect the current HDD status.

In conclusion So if you store personal or company related information on your computer, it might me a good idea to use Raxso Drive Magic to increase your privacy. It also provides a practical means to make your hard disk drive as good as new with the help of its powerful features.

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