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RescuePRO Crack + Keygen Download 2021

RescuePRO Crack + Keygen Download 2021

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Download RescuePRO [Crack]

Whether it’s on your phone, tablet or digital camera, a memory card can face multiple errors and malfunction which can lead to data loss. RescuePRO is a utility designed to help you backup your data or recover it from various types of cards should anything go wrong.

With RescuePRO, it’s easy to restore photos, audio and video files along with any other format that is generally used. The application enables you to recover data from an external device or from a mounted IMG file that is located on your computer.

You can recover three main categories of data, ‘Photos’, ‘Audio/Video’ and ‘All Files’. Beyond this selection, you have no other control over what type of content you search for. So for example, if you want to locate photos in PNG format, you have to wait until the application scans the entire drive for all possible image types as there is no kind of filtering.

On the plus side, RescuePRO offers you the possibility to preview all the recovered images so you know when you find the right one. This feature works well for video files and songs that have embedded thumbnail frames or cover art but when it comes to recovering all file types (ZIP, DLL, etc), it won’t do you much good.

Besides the recovery function, RescuePRO also makes it possible to backup important data and store it in an IMG file. Just like with recovery, you can store any file type and use the same application to extract them when needed.

RescuePRO displays a more than comprehensive interface with its core functions available as large buttons in the same window. Ease of use is also present when browsing through the discovered files, as they are displayed in a scrollable list.

It might not offer you much in terms of a user-defined search, but it is a thorough tool that can recover just about any file, and being able to do so should top the time you spend locating it in the results list.

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