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Resilio Sync 2.7.3 (1381) Crack With Serial Number 2023

Resilio Sync Crack With Serial Number 2023

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Formerly known as BitTorrent Sync, Resilio Sync offers a convenient, fast and most importantly, secure method to synchronize folders across multiple computers. This way, you can easily access your important documents and other files without having to transfer them manually.

Thanks to a modern-looking interface and the intuitive options, working with Resilio Sync shouldn't pose problems to users. Sharing a folder requires you to send the automatically generated secret code to the peer computer in order to link it or scan the QR code using your smartphone, provided the iOS, Android or Windows Phone app is already deployed on the handset.

As mentioned above, the major advantage of Resilio Sync is security, since only invited users (to whom you give the secret code generated by the application) can access your shared folders. In addition to this, it does not rely on cloud servers, which avoids the danger of data interception.

There is no limit on the size of directories that Resilio Sync can store, so you can add several files in the folders you want to share.

Any modification you make in a shared folder is automatically synchronized across all the devices that have the application installed. Data transfers can be monitored in the main window of Resilio Sync, while the history of actions is available in its designated section.

In order to save data traffic, you can instruct Resilio Sync to limit the receiving and sending rates. Experienced users will be able to configure the refresh and the rescan intervals, the number of days an inactive peer is disconnected and other advanced settings.

Resilio Sync keeps your folders up-to-date on multiple computers or handheld devices. The principle it relies on ensures data security, since only users who have the correct code can access a shared directory. With a simplistic, yet intuitive and stylish interface, it enables you to manage synced folders in an elegant manner.

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