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RoboFolder 1.2.0 Build 72 Crack With Keygen Latest

RoboFolder Crack With Keygen Latest

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If you enjoy taking pictures with your digital camera on a regular basis, then chances are that you are looking for a tool that can help you manage your large collections of images better.

RoboFolder is a small, but powerful piece of software that enables you to rename, move and change the properties of entire photo albums simultaneously.

Although it is not very stylish, the interface is intuitive and well-organized. More exactly, you can select the desired folder along with the subfolder and you can preview the structure and contents in the dedicated panel.

While the app displays the tree-structure of the folders, you can also preview the contents of each directory and subfolder. At the same time, you can preview the file name, size, type, the last date it was modified and the status for each image in the sub-directories.

In addition to the seamless renaming of photo collections, the application also includes a powerful IPTC editor that allow you to add tags to your photos for easier identification.

To be more precise, you can assign copyright, add a title, include by-line, authors and caption to your project. You can also organize photos in categories or associate keywords to them, so you can find them easier in the folders, a feature that is quite helpful when managing hundreds of photos. Lastly, you can tag your photos using the date or the location it was taken.

On a side note, the program does not support a thumbnail feature and hence, if you want to preview the pictures before renaming, you have to access each one individually. This system can make the renaming process a slightly tedious and time-consuming task, especially if you are working with older albums and you do not know what they contain anymore.

Incorporating a highly versatile set of tools for renaming your digital photos, RoboFolder can be the tool you need to rename and reorganize your image collections.

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