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Root Wizard 5.0.0 Crack Plus Serial Key

Root Wizard Crack Plus Serial Key

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Download Root Wizard [Crack]

Root Wizard serves to perform a complete root operation on Android enabled devices. At this point in time, it can work with HTC or Motorola smart phones exclusively.

A root operation consists of a set of alterations that can deliver access to privileged services of an Android device. Rooting is performed using third-party applications and can unlock a series of features that are otherwise unavailable.

However, if performed improperly, such an attempt can break the device and void its warranty. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose carefully the application that will intermediate the root operation, as well as to perform extensive backups of your data.

The advantage of Root Wizard is that it provides extensive guidance in what the root process is concerned and organizes the task in easy to follow steps. Each step is accompanied by an assisted tutorial hosted on YouTube but embedded in the GUI.

The first thing you need to do is accept the license agreement (which you should read carefully), then to download and install the necessary drivers for your device. The next step teaches you how to enable USB debugging, which is mandatory for the root operation.

In the following step, the program verifies your device for compatibility and lets you know if you can move on to the next step. Also, at this point, you have to provide a license key, otherwise the transition to the following set of actions is not possible. If you do specify a valid license, the program will attempt to root the device and unlock privileged features.

Root Wizard can arrange for guided roots, but unfortunately, the success of the operation depends on a license key. The poor support for phone models, together with the steep price might stand in the way of its popularity.

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