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Rummage 1.2.548 Crack + Serial Number Updated

Rummage Crack + Serial Number Updated

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Rummage is a tool created for programmers and developers who want to protect their work by means of obfuscation. With this application you are able to prevent code theft, hacking, re-use and decompilation.

Rummage is made to run right out of the box, meaning that you don’t have to walk through a long list of techniques to use and steps to configure. It doesn’t even require an installation process.

To get started, all you need is to locate and load the assembly into the application, set the destination path for the new file, choose a few settings and then start the process. If you’ve done this before and are familiar with how things work, then everything from start to finish should take just a few minutes.

Depending on the level of protection you’re looking for, you are able to create a personalized obfuscation task. The profile can be given a custom name and are able to choose which obfuscations to apply.

Rummage gives you the possibility to remove unnecessary metadata and unused types or members, mark types as public, un-nest eligible nested types, mask custom attributes, rename members and encrypt strings.

When obfuscation is complete, the application displays a summary with a count for all the performed and skipped processes that were tied up to the applied changes. Moreover, you also get to save the obfuscation map in XML format.

Regarding renamed members, Rummage provides a complete list with all of them in which you can view the exact modifications. Since not everything is modified, what Rummage leaves untouched is presented with an explanation as to why.

On a closing note, Rummage enables you to effortlessly obfuscate assemblies in a straightforward manner without overcomplicating things.

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