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SarmSoft WebCam 5.3.3 Build 1895 Crack + Serial Number Updated

SarmSoft WebCam Crack + Serial Number Updated

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SarmSoft WebCam is an easy to use webcam manager that provides full control over your webcam, offering several advanced utilities that may even lead to the creation of a powerful surveillance system.

In essence an application that enhances the webcam experience, SarmSoft WebCam incorporates numerous tools that may turn a regular webcam into a much more advanced device.

With a very easy to use interface, SarmSoft WebCam lets you customize the images you broadcast with a text, time or picture stamp, all three benefiting from several customization options, such as placement, colors and background.

Of course, you can also configure the device you wish to use, which means that in case you're using multiple webcams at the same time, it's enough to pick the active one and that's it.

A very useful feature is the FTP uploader that allows you to take screenshots of the streamed content and automatically upload them on a FTP server. Obviously, you can define not only the FTP server, username and password, but also the interval of capturing new screenshots.

Plus, you can set up a so-called picture server, with dedicated fields to set up picture refresh rate. Last but not least, SarmSoft WebCam comes with a motion detection utility that helps you either upload to FTP or save images in a local folder every time motion is detected on camera.

SarmSoft WebCam works with any webcam connected to your system and it doesn't really matter the Windows version installed on the machine, the application is compatible with all of them.

Overall, SarmSoft WebCam is a decent application that might come in handy to many users, comprising even a comprehensive help manual to make sure that it can target all types of users.

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