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ScreenHunter Free 7.0.485 Crack With Activator Latest 2024

ScreenHunter Free Crack With Activator Latest 2024

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ScreenHunter Free is a software solution which enables you to take screenshots in several methods, with a minimal amount of effort.

You are required to go through an installation process, yet you should know that it is not going to come with any third-party offers and it does not take longer than a few moments.

The user interface is well-organized and easy to navigate through. As it encloses four tabs, a few buttons and a pane in which to display selected options. It becomes quite clear that all types of users can easily find their way around it, without encountering any difficulties.

With the help of ScreenHunter Free, you can capture a rectangular area, active window or full screen, as well as include a mouse pointer and set delay (in seconds).

You can save the resulted image in a BMP, JPG or GIF format, as well as select a solid color (closest match, median cut, neural) or dithered one (error diffusion, Floyd-Steinber, uniform).

Furthermore, it is possible to enable transparency (and set a color), send the capture to Clipboard, open Windows Explorer and set an output destination.

You can add ScreenHunter Free to the Windows startup menu, disable screen tips and settings on button faces, minimize it to the system tray, hide the icon in the system tray when capturing, as well as play a sound and view the saved files after capturing.

The program uses a low-to-moderate amount of system resources and includes an extensive Help file with images. It captures a snapshot without displaying any errors, or freezing.

Overall, ScreenHunter Free is a very good tool for taking snapshots and we strongly recommend it to all users.If you are interested in skipping the setup process, you should know that a portable edition is also available, called Portable ScreenHunter Free.

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