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ScriptCase 9.9.007 Crack Plus Serial Key

ScriptCase Crack Plus Serial Key

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ScriptCase is a comprehensive and reliable program especially designed for web developers who need to build complete systems and create reports effortlessly. It helps them to build applications in an intuitive manner, including registration forms, dynamic menus, calendars and dashboards, to name a few.

Since it works with any web browser, be it Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Opera, either on your local network or on the Internet, ScriptCase enables you to generate applications and work simultaneously with your team.

This way, you are able to create forms using options such as layout of blocks and tabs, automatic validation of data etc. Additionally, you can create your own dashboard where various apps can be attached such as charts, forms and grids.

The main window of ScriptCase enables you to create a new project, or simply connect to your favorite database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Interbase, Firebird, MS Access, SQLite or SQL Server.

When it comes to creating a new project, you are able to choose one of the predefined templates from the left panel or create a blank project by specifying its name, description and version.

In this manner, you are able to build various forms and detailed reports, group records dynamically, create filters, sort fields in real time, design charts using HTML5, build calendars in order to manage events using the drag and drop feature, as well as create rich Master-Detail applications.

The Project menu enables you to generate source code, export or import applications, as well as create reports. By accessing the Tools menu you are able to build new SQL scripts, change the current theme and template and group buttons.

To conclude, ScriptCase proves to be an effective and reliable solution when it comes to connecting to a specific database and developing reports, charts, forms, menus and calendars with ease.

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