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Second Copy Serial Key Full Version

Second Copy Serial Key Full Version

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Having to move multiple files and folder around can be a pain, especially when this needs to be done often. Luckily, specialized applications such as Second Copy give you the possibility to automate the process by scheduling tasks to periodically run in the background without interrupting your work.

The application lets you create a task for any type of activity that involves copying or moving files from one location to another. You can attribute a name to each profile, such as "Music", if you want to have, for example, audio files transferred to an external storage device when it is connected.

Profiles can be stored in groups, giving you the possibility to organize your tasks for leisure or work related activities, as well as days when processes are put in motion.

You are able to add a new task with one of the two provided methods. An express setup takes you through a few steps where you only need to specify source and destination directories, as well as the time in which items are transferred.

Additionally, you can choose a thorough customization of the process. This gives you the possibility to restrict certain files from being handled, as well as the action that is performed. These range from simple copy and move options, to having them archived, removing existing files from source or destination, as well as a few more options.

Unfortunately, there is no implemented function that allows you to simply add file extensions to exceptions, which would have made the process a little easier to set rather than manually selecting each file.

You are able to carefully time each profile by choosing time intervals and days when not to perform the given task. Additionally, a desktop shortcut can be created on your desktop in case you manually want to put the process in motion.

To sum it up, Second Copy is a trustworthy application you can use even for security reasons to have a backup created every once in a while. The interface allows you quickly accommodate and even if new to this kind of application you won't feel the need to make use of the help manual. Overall it quickly convinces you to keep it around from the first try.

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