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Secure Copy Crack + License Key Download 2024

Secure Copy Crack + License Key Download 2024

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Download Secure Copy [Crack]

Secure Copy is a software application that provides users with simple means of automating data duplication jobs, by creating tasks and scheduling them.

The installation process does not pose any issues, while the interface you come across is quite well-organized. To be more precise, it is comprised of a menu bar, a navigation panel, a few buttons and a pane in which to display all selected information.

In addition to that, you should know that it encompasses comprehensive Help documentation, thus making sure that all types of users can easily learn how to handle Secure Copy.

This program enables you to create multiple tasks, and lets you view them along with their enabled options in a navigation panel, in a folder structure. In addition to that, you should know it is possible to import jobs from CSV files, test and delete tasks with just a click of the button.

You can choose the source and target folders with ease, create several inclusion or exclusion filters pertaining to size, data and name, as well as adjust some synchronization settings. For example, you can copy only changes source files to target, sync target contents with source by purging orphaned items on the target, clear archive bit on source after copying, reset last accessed date on source files and always copy permissions (even on skipped files).

Copied files can be verified, the thread and batch count can be customized, while you can set up the utility to retry copying on locked files, migrate local groups/users or file shares to destination server, compress target items and map file or directory paths.

It is possible to send e-mail notifications to multiple addresses when a job is completed, with a custom subject line. You are required to input host name, SMTP port, username, password and sender mail, while you can send a test message with just a click of the button.

Last but not least, you can easily generate several reports (e.g. summary, skipped files, local groups and users, verbose etc.), view logs in the main window, as well as details such as job speed and total data processed.

This tool might put a strain on the computer’s performance from time to time, depending on the process under way and the number of items being processed. All tasks are completed in a timely manner.

All things considered, Secure Copy is a pretty efficient piece of software when it comes to automating copying jobs, without popping any errors, crashing or hanging.

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