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Sendblaster Free Edition 4.4.2 Crack & Activation Code

Sendblaster Free Edition Crack & Activation Code

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SendBlaster Free Edition is a powerful software program that allows you to create and send customized mail messages to multiple mailing lists. By sending newsletters at certain intervals, your customers are always going to be up to date with what has been published on your website.

The setup process does not take very long and does not pose any issues such as offering you to download third-party products. The interface is colorful and intuitive, which permits even inexperienced users to send mails, create customized messages and manage lists and addresses.

A navigation panel enables you to easily access all the important features of the program, while a pane helps you see details. Moreover, comprehensive Help contents and a video tutorial are available, so that you can consult them at any point.

SendBlaster Free Edition enables you to manually input contacts along with information such as e-mail, full name, company, address, job, phone number and subscription date, as well as import the data from a TXT, a website or the Clipboard, and export all the addresses to a file.

You can schedule to send messages at certain dates in the future, a pretty great feature, yet it is important to keep in mind that the mails are not going to be sent if you do not run the program in schedule mode (minimized to tray).

Furthermore, you should know that with this program you can use up to 15 customizable fields when sending messages, which means that the e-mail that your customers will receive can begin with their name, instead of “Dear customer.”

The “TrackReports” option helps you view the exact number of people that opened your newsletter, hoe many of them clicked on the links provided and other similar statistics.

In addition to that, it is possible to access Google Analytics through this software app, which means that you can easily see how much traffic you have brought with a certain e-mail campaign, see what online marketing strategies are cost effective and so on.

All in all, SendBlaster Free Edition is a very useful tool that can really help you when it comes to managing newsletters and contact lists, and the beauty of it is that it can be used by virtually anybody, regardless of their previous experience with computers. The response time is good, the system’s performance is not going to be hampered and we did not detect any issues such as freezes or hangs in our tests.

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