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Sense 1.18.0 Crack + Serial Number

Sense Crack + Serial Number

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Sense is an intuitive text editor designed to offer simple means to write numerous drafts, add sticky notes to explain specific parts from the document, and make outlines with data you find essential.

It's wrapped in an old and cluttered interface, making it hard to find the desired options, as they are scattered in a long toolbar. A more organized menu that stacked the functions would've been more efficient.

The layout is divided into two separate tabs, the outline and scratch pad, along with the editing area. You can use the provided ruler to arrange the content in the page and organize your information in tree structures. Plus, you can enter new child-nodes, join the lines, and convert the nodes into headed sections, bullet or number lists.

The records can be rapidly navigated, promoted and demoted between levels and re-arranged into expandable or collapsible chapters. If you have text stored in the clipboard, it can be easily pasted and further formatted with custom font types, color and sizes.

Annotations come in handy when you want to add a short definition or description to a phrase or sentence. Unfortunately, they can't be customized with background colors or styles, like clouds, rectangles or thinking bubbles.

In addition, you can't insert images directly from the computer without having embedded a hyperlink, tables, symbols or special characters (e.g. sigma, omega, dollar, percentage).

At the bottom of the screen, the app displays the number of pages, lines, word and character count. The output can only be exported as the program's specific file format SED, making it difficult to open the documents in other external text editors.

Taking everything into account, Sense is a useful application designed to help you compose drafts with ease and make outlines to help you structure your essential data.

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