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Serial Port Monitoring Control Crack + Serial Number Download

Serial Port Monitoring Control Crack + Serial Number Download

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Download Serial Port Monitoring Control [Crack]

Serial Port Monitoring Control (SPMC) is an ActiveX library that can be integrated by developers into their software projects in order to provide monitoring abilities for end users. It can be used to display all serial devices installed on the computer, including serial ports and modems via hot-plug and hot-unplug features. Support is extended to virtual and PnP serial devices.

The library can be implemented into any application capable of opening a serial port to facilitate communication. It has ACPI support, together with two high-performance systems for native code and one for managed code. Visual Studio 2015 and Embarcadero RAD Studio are supported too. Moreover, the source code can be made for C++, C#, Delphi, VB.NET and any other CLR-compatible language.

In addition to the core files, the complete setup package includes the SDK files, user documentation, a simple redistributable package and Windows installer merge modules, along with samples for Visual Studio 2015, MFC, Managed VB.NET and C#, Delphi, and scripting. Any of these components can be excluded from installation.

In total, there are seven interfaces: main library, serial device collection and serial device collection, Monitor object, listener for the native code as well as events for the SerialMonitor and Monitor objects. The user manual included in the package has step-by-step guides for C++ and C# when it comes to initializing the Serial Port Monitoring Control library, enumerating serial devices, retrieving serial device properties, creating monitor objects, and receiving monitored events.

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