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Sharp World Clock Crack With Serial Key 2022

Sharp World Clock Crack With Serial Key 2022

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Sharp World Clock is an advanced desktop clock that shows the time for an unlimited number of locations around the world, along with handy information about the selected cities.

Although it's by definition a world clock, the application does even more than that, with the desktop clocks showing the current time and flags of the configured locations. What's more important though is what's hiding under the settings screen.

As we said, you can add as many cities as you want and doing this is impressively easy. Besides the fact that you can navigate to your very own locations by choosing the continent, country, city and state, you're also allowed to quickly search for a city by writing down its name or by entering its coordinates.

At the same time, you're provided with a bunch of details, such as sun and moon phases, along with an interactive map to easily pick any desired location. Additionally, you can check out details about the temperature for any city, weather forecast for the next four days, and wind speed.

Sharp World Clock also comprises a feed reader as well as an alarm tool that can be triggered hourly, weekly, monthly and annually. Plus, you can place a widget-like calendar on your desktop, perform time zone calculations, and view the time zone displayed for different locations at the same time.

While it looks good and comes with a great amount of customization options, Sharp World Clock eats up memory resources on Windows 8.1 Pro.

All in all, Sharp World Clock is the kind of tool that does what it says. The amount of features packed into the app is impressive whatsoever, so besides a world clock you also find a weather utility, meeting scheduler, alarm tool, calendar, and a feed reader.

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