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Shellfire VPN 3.1 Crack + License Key

Shellfire VPN Crack + License Key

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Shellfire VPN is an application that enables you to maintain your privacy, respectively anonymity while surfing the Net. It does so by routing your Internet activity through various servers and encrypting the data packets you send.

This way, if you’re connected to a wireless network for example, no one can access and view the information you send or receive and browse the Internet using a fake IP address. Besides privacy, this can also grant you access to websites that are normally restricted in your country because the application can connect you through server that operates outside of your country.

Installing the application takes just a few minutes and requires no further configuration once it is finished. All that you need to do is hit the connect switch and in the shortest time possible, the Shellfire VPN connects you to one of the servers.

The application enables you to switch between servers at any time depending on your needs and the strength of your Internet connection. Within the well designed interface of the application you can even view a map that shows you the encryption route of your data. Shellfire VPN is based on OpenVPN technology and uses the 443 port as it is not blocked by firewalls in most cases.

Depending on how often you use the application you can set it to start with your Windows operating system and connect automatically enabling you to always stay hidden.

Another great benefit besides privacy that Shellfire VPN offers is the possibility to use VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol services. This means that you can use online phone applications such as Skype.

Shellfire VPN is an application that is appealing thanks to its looks, ease of use, as well as for its purpose. Having a solution to browse the Internet safe from trackers and online identity theft is always good to have.

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