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SilverSHielD Serial Key Full Version

SilverSHielD Serial Key Full Version

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SilverSHielD is a powerful application created to work as an SSH2 and SFTP server in order to safely and easily transfer files between different locations or back up data.

The multi-tabbed layout gives you quick access to several handy features of the program, namely main configurations settings, user management options, tarpit connection functions, and monitoring panel.

You may password-protect the utility for making sure other users cannot access your private information, enable the full screen mode, and allow only five connections from a single client (IP) at the same time.

Additionally, you are given the option to run the utility from the command-line mode, and back up your configuration and user database.

SilverSHielD gives you the possibility to bind SSH/SFTP server to IP/Port, log data to a plain text file, SQLite database or syslog server in your network, and pick the log type (standard, which includes info about connections and file uploads/download, or Verbose in case you need to debug your client connections). Plus, you can specify the saving directories and enter the syslog server address.

When it comes to security settings, you may set the maximum number of concurrent clients and connections per client, delay new connections, enter the number of authentication errors before the server puts the client IP address in the tarpit, keep the IP address in the tarpit for a user-defined time (in minutes), and build up a list with allowed IP addresses.

SilverSHielD comes with several dedicated parameters for helping you enter a text line that is sent to the client after a successful connection, and generate your own SSH key or import an existing RSA key. Additionally, you may specify the session timeout (in seconds), use Z-compression in order to save bandwidth, and create a list with allowed tunnels.

There’s support for power options that allow you to pick the desired SFTP versions (from 0 to 6), and enable/disable certain authentication methods, MAC algorithms, and encryption algorithms. Plus, you may activate the force use of UTF8 encoding mode.

SilverSHielD is able to send emails attachments by specifying the host name or IP address, inserting the default sender's email address, and entering the SMTP username and password.

You are given the possibility to set up permission per-user basis and edit, clone or delete users. Power options are offered when it comes to adding a new user, namely username, permissions, description, PKI authentication, virtual folders, and automatic disabling mode for a user account after a certain date and time. Thanks to its built-in log viewer, you can check out an overview of the sessions that are currently active in real-time.

All in all, SilverSHielD combines ease of use with several powerful features for helping you transfer large files, enable PKI authentication with multiple keys per user and run various scripts. The advanced suite of features makes it ideal for network administrators.

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