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Singing Tutor 4.1.5 Crack With Activator 2024

Singing Tutor Crack With Activator 2024

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Singing Tutor is an application designed to help you improve your singing skills as well as tune musical instruments in an interactive way. To assist you, the application relies on the basics of pitch frequency and how you can measure it.

Singing Tutor displays a comprehensive interface which is even more so if you’re familiar to how analyzing voice pitch works. From the main window you are able to load a .wav file and play it while the application displays the voice range according to the notes it hits.

While an audio segment is played the application displays a graph which shows you the voice range and you can enable or disable certain notes for a better view.

Singing Tutor is a piece of software that is accessible to anyone. To use it, all you need is a microphone connected to your computer and a bit of a singing voice. The application allows you to select a pitch range between ‘Bass’, ‘Baritone’, ‘Tenor’, ‘Contralto’, ‘M.Soprano’, ‘Soprano’ and ‘C.Soprano’, and you can also see the target note which is highlighted in magenta.

Changing the target note can also be done using the keys on your keyboard which offers you more freedom to focus on the singing rather than the app configuration. After giving it your best, Singing Tutor allows you to see how close or over the set note you come by providing an accurate insight about the dynamics of your voice.

Another helpful combination that Singing Tutor offers is that you can record your voice, select multiple notes from the pitch range and check to see how well it turns out in that diapason.

All-in-all, Singing Tutor might not be the best looking software out there but it does offer a simple and straightforward way of analyzing pitch range for your voice and thanks to that it ca be considered a handy tool.

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