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SiteGrinder 3.1 Activator Full Version

SiteGrinder Activator Full Version

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You don’t need to be a programmer in order to create nice web pages. With the right tools, you can do it, too. SiteGrinder is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop that can convert designs into websites.

The program installs into Photoshop and can be activated from the Automate plugins list.

In order to create websites, you need to simply design a page into the image editor. Since the tool creates the websites with little input from your side, you need to remember to work with layers.

The software uses the layer names to designate rollover states, button positioning and much more. So, on top of creating every object as a separate layer, you need to be careful when you name each item.

SiteGrinder takes “hints” about each layer. Thus, words as “button”, “rollover”, “scroll” and “popup” must be added to the names. The required words are intuitive, but you can also find them in the extensive tutorials created by the developers.

Thanks to this method, you have extreme flexibility when designing the website. Thus, you can change details such as the background color or button placement at any time.

Furthermore, SiteGrinder can make many web pages from a single Photoshop document, thanks to a tool integrated in the image editor. Its name is “Layer comps palette” and it allows you to save and name particular document states.

The plugin can help you create websites after just a few hours spent designing it. Thus, no programming skills or other software are required; you only need to be familiar with Photoshop’s tools.

All in all, SiteGrinder is a great tool for creating websites. If programming isn’t on the top of your favorite activities list, then this Photoshop plugin should be of great help.

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