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SitePad Pro 7.0 beta 876 Crack + Activator Download

SitePad Pro Crack + Activator Download

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Download SitePad Pro [Crack]

SitePad Pro is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for HTML, Java, VRML and other files. It includes all the features of JPad, SitePad and JPad Pro.

Here are some key features of "SitePad Pro":

■ insert scripts for all VRML 2.0 nodes

■ ability to add your own custom tools using JavaScript

■ project manager with class, package and file views (also supports browsing)

■ support for custom document types

■ built-in support for Java, C#, HTML and VRML files

■ java development environment with support for Sun's Java Development Kit (JDK)

■ visual Java debugger

■ smart complete for Java

■ csharp editor

■ commands to compile and run Java applications and applets

■ reformat Java source command

■ access JDK and HTML help files

■ point and click to locate errors

■ support for creating and managing new file types

■ bookmarks and graphical breakpoints

■ autocompletion

■ smart indent

■ smart keys

■ hotkeys

■ custom toolbars

■ custom menus

■ syntax keyword coloring for Java, HTML, VRML, and custom file types

■ exposed keyword files

■ input and output options for supporting Windows, UNIX and MAC files

■ support for remote volumes using UNC paths (UNIX, Netware)

■ tabs to spaces and spaces to tabs options

■ block indent and unindent

■ multilevel undo/redo

■ integrated Finder toolbar

■ search and replace

■ replace in open files

■ find in open files

■ send mail support

■ split windows

■ line and column number indicator

■ optional line numbers

■ places and named directories


■ 30 days free trial

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