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SizeMeNow Professional 1.4.102 Crack Plus Activator

SizeMeNow Professional Crack Plus Activator

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Even though most hard disk drives today struggle to provide as much available space as possible, you still manage to run out of free space and clutter your system. SizeMeNow Professional is an advanced software solution that can conduct a detailed analysis of your computer and provide a comprehensive report regarding disk space usage and folder sizes.

Although it comes with a clean interface, you may find the app a bit difficult to use at first glance. There's a file browser on the left that helps you pick the folder you wish to analyze, and a 'Folder Details' panel on the right to view the content of every single directory.

The bottom of the main window is dedicated to graphs and the collected information, showing four different types of statistics: chart view, file types view, top 100 files and file ages.

There are two different graph viewing modes, horizontal 2D bar chart and 3D pie chart, each generated in just a few seconds once the analysis is completed.

If you want to save one of the provided graphs as a separate file, you can do that by using the dedicated tool which allows you to export the data in three different formats, JPG, TIFF and BMP.

On the other hand, SizeMeNow Professional is also able to export the full report, this time in four different formats, HTML, XML, text file and CSV. There are multiple sections you can export, including a quick summary, the main chart, the scanned folder details, the top 100 files, file ages and file types charts as well as disk space summary.

The app runs on low computer resources, but older machines may experience longer loading times when generating new reports, so the faster your computer is, the quicker a report is created.

The good side is definitely the amount of information it provides, showing you exactly the size of every single file or folder as compared to the other files in a given folder.

All in all, SizeMeNow Professional is one of the best software solutions of its kind and you have to try it to see how powerful it really is. Moreover, you can get thorough details of just what is keeping your space occupied in order to make room for new additions.

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