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Sketsa SVG Editor 9.1 Crack With License Key Latest

Sketsa SVG Editor Crack With License Key Latest

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Sketsa SVG Editor is a graphics application designed to handle SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics. With it, you are able to create and edit vector graphics which can be scaled up to any size and printed without any loss in terms of quality.

Sketsa SVG Editor offers you the use of common shape, poly, pencil, pen, text, point, transformation and zoom tools which can be accessed from a side panel.

Drawing tool characteristics can be modified from a different panel and your options are grouped into categories such as geometry, stroke, fill, filter and marker. They allow you to view exact point coordinates on the worksheet, change the thickness and color of the lines as well as apply a fill to the shape.

The tools themselves are easy to use but some take a bit of practice, such as the pen tool which seems to always be a bit different from one graphics application to the other.

Every element you add or draw into the design can be selected and repositioned on the workspace. You are able to flip them and arrange the layer order so you don’t have unneeded object overlapping. Sketsa SVG Editor also allows you to convert an object or a stroke to a path and combine them.

Sketsa SVG Editor is oriented to work with SVG format which has great advantages over other image formats but the application allows you to export your projects to PNG and JPEG. This gives you a bit more freedom in sending the designs for previewing purposes as not all computers have an image viewer which supports vector graphics.

To sum things up, Sketsa SVG Editor is a handy little vector editor to have on your computer when you want to work on a relatively simple project as the application has a bit of trouble when handling complex files.

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