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SkyHistory Crack Plus Activator

SkyHistory Crack Plus Activator

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When chatting and calling frequently using a Skype account, users might log a considerable volume of activity. Some of them might want to save their chat or call activity and browsing through Skype’s history isn’t the most practical way to achieve that. SkyHistory will help users record and log their Skype activity, with numerous tools for displaying their call history, managing contacts or adding important messages as bookmarks.

SkyHistory offers users a minimalist interface that features a four section layout where they can view the different contacts, recorded activity (call and message history), browse a logging calendar and view saved messages respectively.

All the buttons and sections are clean and straightforward, leaving users with no trouble when it comes to handling the application. One can easily filter the recorded activity by using custom text strings and the application even offers the options to save the preferred messages as bookmarks.

Users will be able to choose for which contacts the activity will be recorded and all the Skype messages and calls will appear automatically in the application. However, once the activity has been recorded, one will have no way of exporting the saved content and the application fails to provide any form of database management.

Furthermore, its Skype logging features do not offer more than displaying the messages or calls and demanding uses might request additional features. For instance, it would have been beneficial if the application also provided an option to expand the recorded messages, manage them in a folder structure or dragging-and-dropping them into external text editors.

For people who seek an easy-to-use software solution that could log their Skype call and message history, this application might be a decent choice. It will offer them a set of basic tools for managing contacts, displaying call / message history and saving preferred entries as bookmarks. However, its functionality doesn’t extend past its basic features and experienced users might not be satisfied by its tools.

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