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Smart Battery Workshop 3.71 Serial Number Full Version

Smart Battery Workshop Serial Number Full Version

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Smart Battery Workshop is a compact application that intends to help you improve the performance of your laptop battery. Its main purpose is to modify the information stored in its EEPROM chip in order to reset it to the factory defaults.

Since all laptop users want to prolong the battery life and to avoid its replacement, this program may sound like an easy solution. Actually, it provides you with the required tools and instructions but it also requires time and some experience with electronic components for building the components and applying the changes.

In order to use the program you need a basic toolkit because the developers recommend unsoldering the chip from the battery and connect it to a Philis Standard I2C Parallel Port Adapter. The package includes the basic instructions on how to build the adapter on your own.

After dismantling the chip and connecting it to the adapter, you can change the contained information by using the Smart Battery Workshop. It includes the tools required to read the EEPROM memory and to write data to the chip.

Before making any changes to the chip it is recommended to back up the information by dumping all the information to a file. If anything goes wrong with the operation you can always restore the information from the file.

You should be aware that some laptop batteries can be modified by simply using a Reset button and do not require this potentially complicated procedure. You should resort to this program only for the batteries do not have that feature.

The program is not able to reset all the EEPROM chips but it includes a consistent list that you should check before starting to tinker with your laptop’s battery. Although it provides some documentation for crafting the required tools, Smart Battery Workshop is clearly designed for the users with prior experience of handling EEPROM chips.

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