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Space Synthesizer 2.0 Crack + Keygen Download 2024

Space Synthesizer Crack + Keygen Download 2024

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Download Space Synthesizer [Crack]

Space Synthesizer is a VST instrument plugin that packs a wide range of instruments and effects so you can give your music a whole new sound. The friendly and accessible GUI makes it very simple to interact with the software, most of the sound altering actions being performed through a series of knobs, logically organized in six major sections.

The Evolving Oscilator section is the main sound source in Space Synthesizer, sound being first processed here and then sent to the other sections. Here you can use the slide bar to select one of the 43 preset waveforms, such as Piano, Tube, Wind, Strings, Pulse or Bass, to name a few. The Evolving Oscillator section also features a classic ADSR envelope, allowing you to adjust the Attack, Decay, Sustain or Release functions of the keyboard.

The Filter section of Space Synthesizer is where you can adjust the Cutoff Frequency, Resonance, Rate, Depth Synchronization with the host software, Phase or Shape, thus setting the sound filtering percentage, amplifying frequencies or adjusting the lag of the Low Frequency Oscillator with respect to the host software’s tempo.

You can use the Resonator to get richer sweeping sounds. It works much like the Filter section, offering you the possibility to adjust the Frequency, Feedback, Rate, Depth Phase and Shape of the sound effects. Moreover, if you want to add slap back delay or other delay effects to the synthesizer’s overall sound, you can always make use of the Stereo Delay section. Here you can adjust the Left and Right Delay time, Feedback or Mixing Level.

The Ensemble section of Space Synthesizer lets you set the amount of Ensemble (an effect to make it sound like there are multiple sound sources) to be added to the sound, the Vibrato Rate, to make the sound less cold and the Vibrato Depth, to set the amount of Vibrato to be applied to the Ensemble.

And finally, the Modulating Sequencer, is the place where you can modulate all other sections, except for Delay. It consists of 16 knobs that can change the sound output in a radical way if used correctly. You can adjust the modulation using all or some of the knobs, adjust the Modulation Speed, Phase or Portamento (the transition between each step of the Modulation) and of course, synchronize the modulation with the host software.

Space Synthesizer also comes with no more and no less the 256 different presets, making your work adjusting the sound effects, a lot less easy. Ambienta, Moody, Float in Space, Air Waves, Cosmic Trips, Moody or Jupiter Piano are just a few of these presets that add a more techno, electronic, ambiental or space feel to your music.

Moreover, the application supports full polyphony, so the limit number of voices is actually set by your processor, Space Synthesizer being able to handle tens of simultaneous voices. In fact, despite its complexity, the application does not take its toll on the processor. We tested it on a Intel Core i5-24-- @ 3.1 GHz and the average processor usage was around 10%, including Orion, the host software we used during the test.

You can use the application with any other VST compatible software, just keep in mind that during the installation you have to provide the path for the plugin storage location of the VST program you use, otherwise the application fails to integrate.

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