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Speed Wizard 1.1 Crack + Activation Code Download

Speed Wizard Crack + Activation Code Download

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Download Speed Wizard [Crack]

Speed Wizard is a software tool that enables you to speed up or slow down the hardware or Windows speed, with a minimal amount of effort.

The installation process does not take very long and it does not come bundled with any unpleasant surprises, while the interface is pretty simple and clean. It encloses a design which closely resembles that of most Apple products, and comprises a few buttons and two drop-down menus.

All the available options are displayed in the main window and therefore, both power and novice users can easily find their way around it without facing any kind of difficulties. No help contents are included, yet it becomes pretty obvious that they are not actually needed.

This utility lets you choose whether to control the speed of the hardware or Windows with just a click of the button, while the actual speed can be adjusted with the help of a slider bar.

In addition to that, you should know it is possible to set up keyboard shortcuts from the main window, with just a few clicks, for multiple actions, such as resetting the speed, bringing the app at the top, turning down or up the speed.

It is possible to send the program to the system tray with just a click of the button and thus render it non-obtrusive, so that you can play a game without interruption. You can communicate with the app from there with the help of an incorporated context menu.

To conclude, Speed Wizard is a pretty efficient piece of software which helps you enhance your computer’s performance for gaming or other purposes. Tasks are completed in a timely manner, the interface is suitable to all users and we did not come by any errors or crashes.

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