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Splitty 5.20 Build 20143 Crack With License Key Latest 2021

Splitty Crack With License Key Latest 2021

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Working with large files might sometimes prove to be inefficient, in terms of transfer, as there are few ways you can share your content, regardless of its size.

While online services offer reliable cloud or file transfer solutions, they usually come with a size threshold that cannot be bypassed, thus limiting you to various storage media. It is possible to rely on Splitty, a software solution that can easily divide large files into smaller items, making them more manageable.

This application comes with an unattractive, outdated layout and no additional configuration menu, window or pane.

On the bright side, besides importing files in the traditional way, this program also allows you to drag and drop your items, therefore providing you with increased overall accessibility.

Splitty allows you to divide large files into multiple smaller items, allowing you to easily transfer your content even to modest storage media, such as floppy disks or flash drives that come with limited space. For instance, you can split a file that is larger than 4Gb in order to copy it to your FAT32 USB storage.

Files can be processed by importing them into the program, specifying the destination folder, typing a file name and setting specific parameters regarding split file size or the number of resulting items. In addition, your content can be exported as self-extracting packages.

After splitting your files, this program allows you to combine the previously processed items into the original one by defining their location in the designated box and adjusting certain parameters. Splitty supports FSM (software specific) and EXE (for self-extracting split files) formats.

In conclusion, if you need a convenient way to divide your files so that you can transfer them without great efforts, you can rely on Splitty. Although its interface is not the most appealing, it delivers highly functional features that can help you process files up to 100Gb.

Splitty Crack With License Key Latest 2021 Splitty Crack With License Key Splitty Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

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