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SQL Manager Lite for MySQL 5.9.1 Build 55826 Crack With Keygen Latest

SQL Manager Lite for MySQL Crack With Keygen Latest

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Download SQL Manager Lite for MySQL [Crack]

SQL Manager Lite for MySQL is a practical and reliable software solution worth having when you need to organize MySQL databases alongside their tables, views, stored procedures and functions and primary keys, to name a few.

By using this application you are able to design MySQL databases visually, manage users and their privileges, work with INNER JOIN and other advanced SQL statements, as well as import or export MySQL database data.

When you launch SQL Manager Lite for MySQL for the first time, you need to choose the program’s environment, language preferences and bar style for child forms. In case you skip this step, you can perform further modifications by navigating to the ‘Environment Options’ snap-in, located in the Options menu.

Afterward, you can easily add new databases by accessing the wizard which guides you throughout the entire process of setting the connection parameters, selecting databases and customizing their specific options. Once you are done, the left panel of the application displays all of the available databases, tables, procedures, functions, triggers, scheduled events and reports.

When you right-click on a specific database or table, you are able to view the server properties, hide disconnected databases, create a new object of the same type, perform data manipulation operations, refresh all objects of the selected object, etc.

What’s more, SQL Manager Lite for MySQL provides you with two basic tools when it comes to managing your SQL queries, namely SQL Editor and Visual Query Builder (both can be accessed from the Tools menu). The first option allows you to create and edit the SQL text of a query, while the second feature enables you to create queries without deep knowledge of SQL. It can be also mastered by users who don’t know how to extract data from more than one database.

Also, a diagram area is displayed in the main window that allows you to associate objects through their primary keys. The Builder tab allows you to view all the available tables and choose only the ones you are interested in. By accessing the Edit tab, you can view that a new SQL query is generated automatically.

In case you want to repair corrupted tables using MySQL routines, analyze the existing tables or simply optimize them, you can access the proper wizards from the Services menu.

During our tests, we found out that each process runs smoothly without causing the system to freeze. Simply choose the tables you want and let the application to do the work for you.

All in all, SQL Manager Lite for MySQL comes in handy for users who need to work with multiple MySQL databases and make use of powerful tools in order to manage and manipulate triggers, procedures, scripts and other database objects.

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