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SQLiteManager 4.8.5 Activation Code Full Version

SQLiteManager Activation Code Full Version

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SQLiteManager is a comprehensive and reliable software solution worth having when you need to manage and organize multiple SQLite databases by performing various actions such as creating new tables, triggers and indexes.

Because it provides you with support for a wide range of SQLite databases, including plain or in memory databases, the utility is flexible enough to let you generate reports or interact with multiple databases at a time.

Athough you have the possibility to automatically create tables and perform basic operations, you can also insert your own scripts. Still, if you are an advanced SQL connoisseur, the application enables you to skip the wizard that appears at the beginning and quickly write and execute SQL codes.

Designed to be an intuitive database management system, the application displays a wizard at startup that guides you through the most common operations so you can create a new database or connect to cubeSQL server.

Also, when using SQLiteManager you can easily load external *.sqlite extensions, remove or change encryption on the fly, preview BLOB scripts or execute SQL statements.

Another features worth mentioning are the possibility to preview your queries in fully exportable PNG charts, inspect and change some internal database behavior, export data in several commonly used formats including CSV or TXT, and edit existing statements without the need to drop or re-create them.

Still, the true power and efficiency of SQLiteManager consists of its intuitive interface and helpful commands that are wrapped inside simple buttons and that can do more than you can even imagine.

Instead of typing complicated commands, the application enables you to view all the data contained in tables by performing and running simple queries.

Hence, if you need an intuitive and reliable application that enables you to perform basic operations such as creating and browsing tables, triggers and indexes, executing SQL statements or simply visualizing your queries you can try out SQLiteManager.

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