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Steganos Online Shield VPN 2.1.1 Revision 13547 Crack + License Key Download

Steganos Online Shield VPN Crack + License Key Download

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Download Steganos Online Shield VPN [Crack]

Using you Internet connection nowadays can breed all sorts of trouble, both for yourself and your computer. Threats like social media tracking and computer malware lurk around every corner and you are bound to run into them sooner or later.

Virtual private networks are proving to be a safe and feasible method to avoid such problems lately, although most of the available solutions are tricky to set up and difficult to use by more inexperienced users.

Steganos Online Shield VPN is an application that takes advantage of the VPN technology to protect your Internet connection from any unauthorized listening or tracking, while also keeping your browsing data anonymous and automatically deleting cookies. All of these are achieved by tunneling your web traffic through a private network and changing your IP address.

By giving you a different IP address, the application creates an alter ego for your computer, which is used to browse the Internet instead of your real one. This also prevents any kind of tracking while you surf the web, such as cookies or targeted advertising.

In some situations, certain websites might be blocked in your region and you are unable reach them using your regular IP address. This happens because your IP can also pinpoint your geographical location to the website server it is trying to reach, which can in turn deny you access if your country is not on the list of allowed regions. Steganos Online Shield can bypass this restriction and offer you full access to any web content that should be accessible to everyone.

In order to better protect your anonymity and keep you safe from packet sniffing attempts, the application encrypts your web traffic using the AES-256 bit method, which makes it exponentially more difficult for anyone to intercept and decrypt your data. The encryption also keeps your emails and instant messaging chats private, but you should avoid using personal accounts to achieve the full effect.

Unlike make other VPN solutions, Steganos Online Shield delivers a very user-friendly interface, with powerful and easy-to-use features that keep you safe from the perils of the Internet regardless of your experience level and computer security expertise.

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