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Stellar Phoenix Zip Repair Crack + License Key

Stellar Phoenix Zip Repair Crack + License Key

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Almost all files can either become corrupt or get damaged in troublesome conditions, and ZIP archives are certainly no exception.

If you have damaged ZIP files on your computer and you want to repair them, since Windows does not offer support for such situations, you are left with no option but to turn to third-party tools.

Stellar Phoenix Zip Repair is a straightforward piece of software that helps you find and repair corrupted or damaged ZIP archives.

Firstly, you should know that this utility can repair ZIP files created only with WinZip. Also, the software comes with support for repairing archives that are no larger than 1.5 GB in size.

Upon first launch the tool, you are greeted by an intuitive window that enables you to choose the partition on which it should scan for afflicted archives. If you want to skip this approximately quick scanning process, you can manually pinpoint the corrupted ZIP archive yourself.

Once the files are displayed as entries in the app's window, you can start the repairing process by selecting them and clicking the designated button.

The compact window quickly closes, making way for a new, more typical, window that is actually the place where you spend most of the time repairing archives.

Stellar Phoenix Zip Repair's main window comes with a fairly intuitive layout and displays several easily accessible options, mainly thanks to a useful ribbon toolbar.

The workflow is quite straightforward and should not be a problem even for novice users. You can open ZIP files, save and repair them, as well as save or clear the logs with just a few mouse clicks.

As an ending note, Stellar Phoenix Zip Repair is a fairly intuitive and quick software solution for fixing damaged ZIP files. We would have liked it even more if it would have come with a single window, this way, you would not be required to switch from one to another in the process of fixing your archives.

While the app can help you repair your ZIP files, you should not fully rely on this application to fix your ZIP files. Instead, backing up your files is always a very advisable solution, as preventing is always easier than actually repairing.

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